Tacit Investment Management offers expert investment management for our clients and their families.

One word sums up our approach: focus

It’s what has driven our industry recognised performance and it’s why our clients rely on us to deliver their investment management needs.

Focus on what matters

Focused on returns

Conviction investing – we believe performance can be undermined by over-diversification.

Focused on UK clients

Just one currency challenge to address – the needs of sterling investors.

Focused on serious risk

We focus on protecting investors from genuine market shocks rather than day to day volatility.

Focused on costs

Investors only benefit from net returns – competitive pricing helps support good longer term performance.

Focused on investing

We are experienced investment managers, not financial planners. We stick to what we know best.

Our strategies

Our strategies are designed to meet the needs of most UK-based investors.

An experienced team

Not much to look at, we know, but decades of experience managing investments institutionally.